Kashatagh (Lachin) province


    This is an obviously old village, though it has lost its historical name and is currently known only under its Kurdish name. The village quarters extend about 800 m away from the right riverbank of Hochants, over 250 m above the bank and 1700-1750 m above the sea. North of the village there is an arched single span medieval bridge. Its width is 3.70 m and the length of the span is 12.4 m. Basalt edge stones of the arch were finely processed, while the second row of the arch masonry was made of coarse basalt. Other parts of the bridge were built of semi-processed or unprocessed stone and mortar. The vault was plastered.
    The ruined old settlement at the left riverbank barely 100 m away of the bridge once was a small Kurdish village named Lower Aghkorpi ("White Bridge), which was still inhabited in the late 19th cent. The upper village of identical name, also abandoned during the Soviet period, was situated at the same riverbank, 2.5 km up the river course.

Bridge over the Hochants River (XII-XIII cent).
Historical names of these villages are lost.

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