The Union of Armenian Noblemen was created in 1992.
     All representatives of the preserved ancient and newly created Armenian noble dynasties and families, as well as those granted foreign titles, residing both in the Republic of Armenia and beyond its borders, regardless of their religious and political convictions, sex, and of legal age, may join the Union of Armenian Noblemen.
     To become a member to the Union an application is required to state the acceptance of the Union's Charter. The decision on granting membership to the Union is adopted by the Council of the Union and is subject to confirmation by the Assembly of the Noblemen.
     Photocopies of all documents certifying an individual's noble birth and a filled-in form are to be attached to the application.
     In its activities the Union has as guidelines the Charter of the Union and the acting legislature of the Republic of Armenia that do not contradict the norms of the international law.

     The main objectives of the Union of Armenian Noblemen are as follows:

     · restoration of the Armenian nobility and its past role and significance in the life of the society and the state;
     · restoration of the best traditions among the Armenian nobility and establishing criteria for the
     noblemen's honor, morals and ethics;
     · restoration of the heraldry of the noble dynasties and their genealogy;
     · storage and scientific systemization of archival materials, research in the history of the
     Armenian nobility and individual dynasties;
     · introducing the broad circles of the society to the history of Armenian noble and dynasties, families and
     their ancestors through the mass media public lectures;
     · restoration of the traditions and activities of the Assembly of the Nobility in Eastern Armenia until 1920.

     The Union of Armenian Noblemen has a Fund where the preserved documents, memoirs, libraries, utensils, paintings, values are to be collected. The Fund is also meant for financial contributions to be used, according to the donator's wish, for certain purposes or to be accumulated in his personal fund. All the materials, items, documents, values and financial contributions to the Union's Fund are to be certified by the donator in the written form.
     Within the structure of the Union there is a research group on genealogy the staff of which will help systemize the archival documents. Coat-of-arms of the noble families and dynasties may be ordered (or re-ordered).
     The family of the member to the Union, upon the wish expressed by the member, can also be admitted into the Union.

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