Armenian historian Artak Maghalian (M.Phil.) is currently preparing his book for publication. The book entitled
"The Meliqdoms of Artsakh (Arcax) in the 17-19th centuries"
will be the first ever in-depth study of the history, traditions, genealogy, and statehood structures of the late medieval Armenian principalities (meliqdoms) of Artsakh (Arcax, Nagorno-Karabakh), which until now remained largely untapped by the Armenian historical science. The book will present extensive information on the origins of the meliqdoms, genealogy of the meliq houses, political, economic, spiritual, and national liberation roles of the meliqdoms, as well as will examine the cycles of development of the meliq system in Artsakh (Arcax).

  This monograph will be the result of the multi-year research conducted by Artak Maghalian, who studied original documents, manuscripts, firmans, decrees, data of historians, and correspondence of the meliqs with the political and spiritual leaders of the time. Naturally, the publication of such an extensive research of more than 300 printed pages is associated with significant expenses. Most of the funds needed for the publication of the book have been already collected by Artak Maghalian. However, in order to make the publication visually attractive - i.e. to have it published with illustrations, pictures and maps - additional few hundred dollars are needed.

  We call upon the businessmen of Armenia and Diaspora to appreciate the novelty and importance of the upcoming publication and provide financial support. With questions and contributions, please contact the author, Mr. Artak Maghalian at:

(+374 91) 68-70-34 (in Armenian) or (+48 22) 858-7327 (in English)
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